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Claydata Overview
Claydata is an Australian development firm that has been established for over ten (10) years, specialising in Health Care Practice Process Automation. Claydata’s founder is a medical practitioner who has led the development of the purpose-designed application with a team of skilled developers.
With his own practices’ operational efficiency in mind, all the detailed processes, procedures, functions, and forms have been captured, automated and delivered in a comprehensive healthcare practice applications suite.
The rationale and motivation to develop this application framework for specialist medical practitioners, was to improve upon the currently available Commercially off the Shelf(“COTS”) software.
In affiliation with the North Shore Medical Group, Claydata has developed a pragmatic solution that drives:

Practice effectiveness
Business efficiencies
Productivity and ease of use
Improved patient satisfaction

What Claydata Offers
Claydata Pty Ltd (‘Claydata’) has developed a comprehensive and integrated Technology Workflow System (iTWorkS) for health care providers interested in efficiency and effectiveness iTWorkS revolutionises the way healthcare practices and institutions operate by offering a state-of-the-art totally integrated Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record system. The fully automated workflow system reduces operating costs through:

* Operational improvements
* Reduced process hand offs
* Removes duplication of tasks
* Reduced manual intervention of tasks.

These tangible benefits are evident, not only at the initial point of care, but also across the entire organisation, including front desk, back office, clinicians and the management. With the rapidly evolving digital medical landscape, integration has been an issue in the healthcare industry. iTWorkS delivers an ‘end to end’ process automation and continuous transactions in one seamless and streamlined system. Importantly, iTWorkS drives new levels of practice efficiencies and cost savings through its enhanced workflows and patent pending integrations.

The Application Overview
The‘iTWorkS’ Web Application, is an integrated, modular healthcare practice management and electronic medical record system that features:

* Web & secure cloud based – use internet to gain access to all services.
* Anytime, anywhere – no restrictions on availability or physical location.
* Software as a Service(SaaS) based – client pays only for services requested and used.
* Configurable – allows client to choose services and customise their experience.
* No charge for unused services
* Portability – use the system in different locations within the same group of organisations.
* Ease of use – intelligent designs and re-use of common web-browser functions ensures familiarity and user acceptance
* Scalability – from small solo healthcare organisations through to complex and large organisations with multiple locations.
* Self-managed& self-controlled – be empowered by taking charge and enjoying the freedom of self-reliance.
* Simple registration process – clinicians and patients may register independently.
The Application Core
* Coordinators and researching clinicians require complex data to be captured and stored within a structured system.
* iTWorkS takes the complexity out of structuring complex data, using customisable forms and automated gateways.
* Electronic medical record databases are compliant with HIPPA and ONC-ATCB
* Our certified EMR means we meet and surpass all required standards of compliance.
* Coordinators require the ability to audit use and data input within their system.
* Easily accessible audit trail reports provide you with information on who accessed the database, when they accessed it, and what they did during that time.
* Trials require storage of DICOM images and easy access to PACS servers.
* The DICOM gateway within iTWorkS allows access to DICOM images without having to boot up another program.
* Pathology results need to be available to researching clinicians.
* Our pathology gateway allows laboratories to send data directly into our system.
* That data is then stored in the cloud, and accessible from anywhere.
* Adverse event data entry must be simple and always available for viewing by clinicians.
* Adverse events can be added in one click.
* A list of adverse events can always be found at the top of the subject/patient’s medical record.
* Reporting and documentation of clinical trials.
* eFormsallow for customised forms to be created, suiting any trial need.
* eNotes provide the researcher with a simple word processing interface to report on their findings.
* Documents (e.g. word, pdf) can easily be uploaded to your database and viewed from within the system at anytime.

Historically, the connection between health records and complex diagnostic images has been extremely complex rarely possible.

Our Automated Programming Interface (API) or gateway allows real-time communication between two(2) unrelated and disparate servers using the digital imaging communication in medicine (DICOM) & health level 7 (HL7) world standards. With this gateway, users may seamlessly exchange data between the practice management software (PMS) or electronic medical record (EMR) servers and the picture archive communication server (PACS). Claydata® is proud to announce the existence of a registered industrial provisional patent for this innovation with IP Australia, Australian Government.

Patent pending
Invention Title: Electonic Medical Records (EMR) ­Picture Archive Communication Server (PACS) ­ Digital Imaging andCommunications in Medicine (DICOM) WEBSERVICE GATEWAY. Health Level­7 (HL7);HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA), ASTM International Continuity of CareRecord (CCR); and Continuity of Care Document (CCD), COMPLIANT.
IP Right Number:2015903784 Inventor: Dr Joseph Grace

New open framework licencing model to make software more accessible to healthcare sector…

Sydney, Australia, Monday September 10, 2018. In a ‘release and discovery event’ to be held on the 26th of this month at the Kirribilli Club, Claydata will be inviting leading healthcare institutions and their IT partners to showcase a unique software licencing model for the healthcare sector through an Expression of Interest invitation.
Claydata Pty Ltd(Claydata), is an Australian medical software development firm of over ten(10) years. At the event they are intending to outline the details of their licence acquisition model. The model, although not entirely new, remains unique to date within the healthcare sector.

At the event, a case study will be presented, on how a client has under this licence scheme, successfully rolled out the application for their organisation. They will be detailing certain economies made, including how the case study subject, a leading Australian multi-location cardiac healthcare provider, can extrapolate a $1.8Mil annual saving, by simply automating, 25 minute of daily manual procedures, across 16 administration points within their practices.
The success of this deployment model has prompted Claydata to remain purely as a specialist software development house, rather than entirely commercialise their endeavours. Through this Expression of Interest, Claydata will make their software platform accessible through an open framework licence acquisition.

Although the event alone sounds interesting enough to warrant attending, if you are involved with health IT and practice automation, after the formalities are concluded, the venue shall also remain open, as an industry networking meetup where Claydata shall also be announcing and previewing their intended next release. This upcoming release, has been labelled as disruptive and a game changer for the healthcare industry.
Claydata is an Australian custom development firm that has been established for over ten (10) years, specialising in Healthcare Practice Process Automation, whose founder is a leading medical practitioner and with his own practices’ operational efficiency in mind , has led the development of the purpose-designed application with a team of skilled developers.