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About the Expression of Interest


Claydata is an Australian healthcare software development firm with over 10 years of experience. We are issuing an Expression of Interest invitation to:

  1. all healthcare software providers, solution providers, their consultants or integrators, and;
  2. large and multi-location healthcare providers and institutions; who may wish to acquire the rights to the Claydata, integrated Technology Workflow System (iTWorkS) software application under license.

This web based application is a specialist integrated practice and electronic record management system with an advanced form and workflow builder called quandax.

We are releasing the licence under an ‘open platform’ framework.

In simple terms, we are releasing our millions of lines of code with the licence rights.

This means, every licensee, will be able to:

  1. Retain the code for their long term security
  2. Customise and tailor the code to suit their business needs
  3. Grow and extend the application as the business evolves
  4. And, have total control of their software environment

Not only, does the integrated application manage the practice, electronic records, on an ‘end to end’ basis, but it also seamlessly integrates with diagnostic and imaging (PACS) servers.


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Other information can be obtained by email: dsilvers@claydata.com


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