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Claydata is a leading health IT company based in the heart of Sydney, Australia. The dynamic team of product designers and programmers have developed some of the most innovative practice management systems in the world. From humble beginnings to its current status as a leader in Australian eHealth, numbering major healthcare organisations amongst its clients, the Claydata story is, as founder and chief product designer Joseph Grace calls it, “an overnight success that only took twenty years.”


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Claydata’s flagship product is PuttyHealth. Really a cosmos of modular platforms, applications, and gateways, PuttyHealth is a first in Australia, offering numerous primary innovations in the field of eHealth and EMR technologies.


Come over to cloud nine with Claydata!


With Claydata’s Putty® Universe You Can:


Get connected

– Communicate with external providers, specialists, researchers, and clients using a cross-platform communication solution

Do more with your data

– Access and interrogate your data to answer your most pressing business questions

Keep on top of treatment

– Plan your patient care with your custom-built treatment plans

Reduce the risk of human error

– Using your custom protocols ensures that important steps are not missed and significant information is not misinterpreted

Take advantage of flexibility

– You can access your system anytime, anywhere, from any device – and with greater than bank-level security

Do more with your staff time

– Save time by streamlining routine tasks, avoiding duplication, and automating repetitive processes

Give patients online access

– With electronic medical records, patients can access their medical history, bookings, accounts, and summary information

Enjoy peace of mind

– Secure your practice using the only internationally accredited Australian EHR solution

Cure your hardware headache

– Make the shift to the cloud. We manage all your services online, including servers and security backups, offering stability and support

Move to the future of e-Health

– We’re Australian PCEHR (Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records) ready!


Call us on:

+61 (0)2 80210210


Suite 303, 156 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, Sydney NSW 2065 Australia


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Corporate Structure

Claydata corporate structure

Business Directory


Alan Shinderman CFSO, Professional Advisory Board
Antony Anisse
Director, Corporate and Business Development anissea@claydata.com LinkedIn
Carlos Tahuil Training Officer tahuilc@claydata.com LinkedIn Twitter
Cheng (Ivan) Li Front-end Developer lic.claydata@gmail.com
Daniel Cape Marketing & Communications Design caped@claydata.com LinkedIn
Joe Chang Front-end Developer changj.claydata@gmail.com
Joseph Grace
Chair of Professional Advisory Board & Chief Product Designer gracej@claydata.com LinkedIn
Joyce De Castro Administrator madlangbayanj@claydata.com LinkedIn
Judy Yang
MIT (IT), MITM (IT Management)
Software Design yangz@claydata.com LinkedIn
Kannan Piedy Technical Support Liaison, Design & Development, Business Support piedyk@claydata.com LinkedIn
Ken Xiong
BCA (Commerce Accounting)
Accounts Administrator xiongs@claydata.com
Khanh Hoang Le
ME, BSE (Hons)
Technical Director, Professional Advisory Board lek@claydata.com
Lily Nehme US Accounts & Administration
Michael Page Graphic & Technical Design (UI) pagem@claydata.com
Nelson Correia Training Officer correian@claydata.com LinkedIn Twitter
Samuel Graiche Technical Researcher LinkedIn
Sean OBrien
BSci (Human & Organisational Development, Economics)
Implementation & Business Support Liaison, Sales obriens@claydata.com LinkedIn
Vincent Tat Web Developer tatv@claydata.com
Sonya Rahme Senior Administrator rahmes@claydata.com
James Li Test Analyst lij@claydata.com
Syed Abbad Tasawar
BSc, ME (Biomedical Engineering)
Technical Researcher & Biomedical Engineer tasawars@claydata.com LinkedIn Twitter
Warut Leerasuntudkul
MIT (Software Engineering)
Software Engineer leew@claydata.com LinkedIn
George Wu Software Engineer wuz@claydata.com
Kin Liu Software Engineer iuk@claydata.com